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How To Promote YouTube Videos in 2024 (Updated 83+Tips That Really Work)

How To Promote YouTube Videos in 2024

This is the biggest resource of practical tips on how to promote YouTube videos to generate more views, thumbs-up, and comments. Feel free to suggest any tip/technique in the comment section.

YouTube is the biggest online video sharing platform worldwide with more than 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users, meaning you have a large audience available for your videos.

Youtube Promotion Tips

However, the competition is fierce on YouTube. As of July 2015, more than 400 hours of video content was being uploaded on YouTube each minute, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd without aggressive YouTube promotion.

Which are the best YouTube promotion strategies? How to promote YouTube videos without paying?

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss 83+ proven YouTube promotion tips for 2024.

After reading this post, you will know the best YouTube marketing practices that will help you get more thumbs-up, views, and comments on your YouTube videos.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Easy-To-Follow Tips on How to Promote YouTube videos 2024:

As this is a long post, I have divided it into the following sections and added links to them to enable you to jump over any section you want.

In-platform YouTube Promotion Tips

To garner more views, thumbs-up, and comments, your videos should have the top ranking when your audience search for videos on YouTube.

How to promote YouTube videos to boost the chance of being on the top when somebody searches for keywords related to your business?

Here are some proven tips on how to promote YouTube videos on YouTube.

1- Once you have completed the shooting of your YouTube videos, you should include important keywords in the file names of your videos. Ensure that each video file has a keyword.

2- When you are uploading your YouTube videos, you should include keywords/key phrases also in the titles of your videos. Like content optimization, you should try to front-load your titles with keywords.

3- Descriptions play an important role in the ranking of your videos on YouTube. Include important keywords/key phrases in the descriptions of your YouTube videos and try to keep keyword frequency around 0.5%

4- Add subtitles/closed captioning to your videos. This will increase the views of your YouTube videos.

5- Create engaging videos to hold the attention of your viewers in order to rank higher as watch time has become a YouTube ranking factor.

6- Always record high-definition videos as HD videos tend to rank better.

7- Create engaging, contextual thumbnails. They increase the chance of your YouTube videos being clicked, which will eventually boost the ranking of your videos.

8- Comments are a strong YouTube ranking signal. The more comments your videos have, the better chances they will have to rank on the top. Encourage comments on YouTube videos.

9- The more thumbs-up your YouTube videos have, the more engaging YouTube considers your videos, which increases the ranking of your videos on YouTube. Create engaging videos, and encourage your viewers to thumb-up your videos.

10- Create YouTube videos around 3 minutes. It has been found in a research that top-performing YouTube videos have an average length of 2 minutes, 54 seconds.

11- Use a strong call-to-action in annotation, at the end of your YouTube videos to encourage viewers to subscribe your channel.

12- For long-term success, you should create a mix of evergreen and trending videos.

13- Add a YouTube widget to your blog or website to display your YouTube videos. Doing so will help your videos have more eyeballs.

14- Never forget to reply to comments on your YouTube videos. Ignoring to reply comments shows you just don’t care about your audience.

15- Invest some time on increasing subscribers for your list. Subscribers are the biggest asset to your YouTube channel.

16- Use long-tail keyword suggestion tools like Keyword Tool to find long tail keywords to use in Youtube video titles and descriptions.

17- If you have your targeted users in different countries, you should add subtitles in multiple languages. This will increase views on your videos.

18- Always use close up photos in thumbnail images to make the thumbnails of your videos irresistible to click.

19- Create a list of your popular videos and write posts about them on your blog. You don’t have to create posts on each video you post on LinkedIn – just pick important ones.

20- Leave comments on others’ videos. Be a part of the thriving YouTube community and share YouTube love. Active community members often get more views on their videos.

YouTube Promotion Tips for Google Search

how to promote YouTube videos

Just google for ‘how to use CANAVA’. This is what comes on the top.

Of course, it is a YouTube video. This point here is YouTube videos rank on Google if you are able to find the right video keywords for your business.

Wondering how to promote YouTube videos to get the top Google Search ranking?

The followings are some proven tips:

21- Videos around tutorials, how to keywords, detailed reviews often tend to feature on Google Search. If you want to rank in Google Search, create how-to videos. This increases the probability to feature on Google Search results.

22- Write guest posts on relevant websites and try to find meaningful ways to link or embed your videos in those posts.

23- Embed your videos into industry directories, such as Yelp, AngelList. This will not only generate more views but also increase the chances of getting your videos featured on Google.

24- Find video submission websites relevant to your industry and submit your YouTube videos there. This will garner more views for your videos.

25- Include links of your videos in your email signature. Doing so will increase the views of your videos and probability to feature on Google Search.

26- Search for relevant, trending videos on other websites and find out opportunities to post your videos as video responses. If you become successful, you will attract lots of views on your YouTube videos.

27- Write posts on Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, and Medium.com about your videos and link to your videos. You can also embed your videos into these websites.

28- Mention relevant influencers in your YouTube videos and let them know. The chances are they will promote your videos.

29- Improve the authority of your YouTube channel. The more authoritative channels might have little preference from Google.

30- Keep writing useful content and link to your videos.

YouTube Promotion Tips for Social media

Social media is a great tool to promote YouTube videos. Why? My friend, 81% of the population in the USA had a social media networking profile, offering you a mass audience to do YouTube promotion.

Don’t know how to promote YouTube videos on social media?

Here are some proven tips on YouTube marketing for social media?

31- Instead of sharing videos from YouTube, add teasers while sharing your videos.

32- Engage your Facebook audience within first 4-5 seconds through interesting/educative videos. People will skip your videos if they are not hooked in the first 4-5 seconds.

33- Like comment, and share others’ videos on Facebook. Being super active on Facebook is a surefire way to ensure success in promoting YouTube videos on Facebook.

34- You should fill out all the important fields in the bio of your Facebook fan page, including a link to your YouTube channel. People tend to share posts from the completely filled Facebook page.

35- Keep tabs on your Facebook page activities to the understand the mood of your audience, what they like, and what they share. Then, adjust your YouTube marketing strategy for Facebook.

36- Follow people on Twitter who share similar videos as yours and start tweeting and liking their video content. High chances are they will tweet and like your video content as well.

37- Use the power of relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your YouTube videos on Twitter.

38- When you are sending a reply on Twitter, add the links of relevant videos that you want to promote.

39- Send the links of your important YouTube videos when you are replying to DMs on Twitter.

40- Add irresistible teasers when you are sharing videos from YouTube to Twitter. This will certainly encourage more people to click on your videos.

41- Tweet your YouTube videos multiple times on Twitter with different teasers.

42- Promote your YouTube channel in your Twitter bio.

43- Run quizzes, contests on Twitter including your YouTube videos

44- Include influencers in your YouTube videos and tag them on Twitter. There are high chances that those influencers will retweet your videos.

45- Reward, engage your audience on Twitter who interact with your videos.

46- Add your YouTube channel to the summary of your Linkedin profile.

47- Share videos from YouTube to LinkedIn with irresistible teasers. This will increase the views of your videos.

48- Find out opportunities to leave your relevant videos in the post comments on LinkedIn.

49- Include influencers in your YouTube videos and let them know on LinkedIn. They are likely to share/promote your videos.

50- Find opportunities to promote YouTube videos in LinkedIn groups.

51- Make a list of questions whose possible answers your videos can provide. Then, search these questions on Quora and post your videos as answers to them.

52- Find an opportunity to promote your YouTube video in Facebook groups.

53- Leverage the power of hashtags on Instagram to reach a large audience.

54- Add link of your YouTube channel to Instagram bio to promote your YouTube channel.

55- Interact with your Instagram followers, and share their video content. Building a community on Instagram helps you promote your videos on Instagram effectively.

56- Create Instagram video teasers for your upcoming YouTube videos.

57- One of the most effective YouTube promotion strategies for Instagram is to include influencers in your YouTube videos and let them know on Instagram. Most often, influences share video content they are featured in.

58- Add the link of your YouTube channel to Pinterest bio to promote your channel.

59- Create a pinboard for your YouTube videos where your followers can check your recent YouTube videos.

60- Create an irresistible name title for your YouTube pinboard.

61- Join the subreddit (s) related to the topic of your YouTube channel and be active there. After some time, start sharing your videos following the subreddits’ guidelines.

62- Comment and upvote others’ engaging videos relevant to your niche. This will help you earn Reddit Karma. Some subreddits require you to have a certain number of Karma to post your videos there.

63- Promote your YouTube channel on Tumbler.

64- Share your videos on Tumblr with irresistible teasers.

65- Create a Google+ page dedicated to your YouTube videos.

66- Treat Google+ page as a microblog and post your YouTube videos there along with enticing teasers. This will fetch more views for your YouTube videos.

67- Use relevant hashtags to share your videos on Google+

68- Comment and share others’ videos in your niche. People are more likely to share your videos if you regularly comment or share their videos.

Promotion Through Email Marketing

Email marketing, if used smartly, works as an effective tool to promote your YouTube channel.

And the best thing about promoting YouTube videos through email marketing is that you don’t have to break the bank to get views on your videos.

Now, a question comes how to promote YouTube videos through email marketing.

Here are some proven tips:

69- Send your YouTube videos to your blog subscribers with the enticing introduction of videos.

70- Not all the receivers open their emails. Make sure that you write enticing subject lines for emails, or else your emails will be left unopened.

71- Include irresistible teasers of your YouTube videos in the body of your emails.

72- Design great-looking emails to promote your YouTube videos. The subject lines of your emails encourage your subscribers to open your emails, and the design tempts them to click on your videos.

73- Include sensory and emotional words in the subject lines of your emails to attract the attention of receivers.

74- Use clear, persuasive call to action. Your audience should understand what they are going to get once they click on your videos.

75- Run YouTube-based contests and quizzes and promote it through email marketing.

Paid YouTube Promotion

If you want quick views, thumbs-up, and comments on your YouTube videos, paid YouTube promotion is the best way to get fast results.

How to promote YouTube video through paid promotion?

Here are some easy-to-follow paid YouTube promotion methods:

76- Run a paid YouTube promotion campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

77- Promote your video on YouTube through YouTube native ads.

78- Google Ads will help you promote your YouTube videos all over the web.

79- Use native advertising platforms like Outbrain and Taboola to reach a wider audience.

80- Use YouTube promotion networks, such as Virool, Viboom, Emerse, etc.

81- Hire someone from Upwork who is well-versed in YouTube promotion.

Bonus Tips:

Here are some bonus tips on how to promote YouTube videos to increase views, thumbs-up, and likes. 

82- Invest your time and efforts on increasing subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more views, thumbs-up, and comments you will get. Subscribers are the biggest asset for your YouTube channel.

83- Create a featured channel to promote others’ videos and ask them if they can promote your videos.

84- Create playlists on different topics relevant to your niche.

85- Allow/encourage people to embed your videos.


To ensure success on YouTube, you should promote your YouTube videos aggressively. Follow these tips, and I’m sure, they will help you generate more views, likes, and comments on your videos.

Over to you,

Do you have any tip on how to promote YouTube videos in 2024? Share it in the comment section. I’d love to know about it.

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