I’m sure you know how important guest posting is, have you been utilizing it to build quality backlinks, traffic, and readers to your blog? When last have you contributed to a blog in your niche? If you’ve been guest posting without a detailed checklist, then it’s time you work a plan and start preparing your blog before approaching the top blogs out there. In this article, I’m going to share some few tips on how I prepare my blog before approaching A-list blogs … So many bloggers make the mistake of approaching blogs without preparing their blog. Before I move on with the main subject of this post, I’d like you to permit me to go get a cup of coffee… Am I allowed to do that? Ok..ok.. I’ll try to be fast… Huh! I’m back and I’m sipping my coffee… do you mind having a cup? Nah! How do you expect me to pass across a cup of coffee to you via your computer screen? You must be joking (just kidding all along anyway).

Offer Quality Freebies

We all love free things—including your new readers. Freebies are the only things that’ll make your readers give out their contact details… Write a detailed, quality ebook and offer it as a freebie to your new subscribers.. If you’re not so good at writing, you can hire a freelance writer; you could also offer a free WordPress theme or whatever information product you can produce by yourself Place a visible opt-in form at the right side of your blog. Below it, write something like this: ‘’ subscribe and get a free ebook worth $300 for free’’… Just keep up at it. It won’t cost you more than $150 to get a 15-27 page report written (that’s if you even hire a freelance writer).

Work on your blog post

Content is king—ensure your home page content is well written. Don’t write fluff. Make it conversational, interesting, and engaging. Write list posts like “Top 10” “15 biggest”… Write something in that line, and you’ll convert new readers into loyal customers…

Give Your “About Me” page a touch

Yeah… people love to see that you’re a real person. Work on your ‘’about me’’ page. Have a great picture of yourself with a few lines about what you do, how you rose from grass to grace and how you plan to build an active audience online. Be honest and straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush. Make this page visible to everybody…

Make your social Buttons visible… Don’t Hide Them

Yeah… chances are that if you start contributing to top blogs online, their visitors will  to visit your blog. Make your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest button visible so that readers can like, tweet or pin your posts… and close your posts with a clear call to action. Tell them to follow you on Twitter and Facebook

What do you say?

Here’re just a few tips on how to prepare your blog before contributing to top blogs. Implement these tips, and you’ll come back with a testimony

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma Is The Founder, CEO & Managing Director Of Ranking By SEO. He Has Been Working In SEO Industry Since 2005. He Can Be Seen Contributing To SEMrush, Social Media Today, And Entrepreneur Etc...

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