Have you considered guest blogging this week?

If you’re planning to contribute to some top blogs in your niche this month, the following tips will increase the chances of getting your guest post accepted

Get Closer… and familiar

If you want any blogger to consider your guest post, it’s important you take some time to know the blogger personally.

You need to become an avid reader of his blog, make useful comments, and also hang up with him on social networks. Doing all these will give you an idea on the kind of guest post the blogger accepts.

Chances are that if you submit a pitch, he’ll gladly accept and consider your guest post on his blog.

Provide your credentials

Before pitching your guest post, consider providing your blog credentials. What do I mean?

Your writing portfolio…

Give the blogger a good reason to listen and accept your guest post

Let him know your achievements

If you’ve achieved any feat, share with the blogger.

Also share your blog statistics (if it’s encouraging). Share your page view stats as well as your rankings from (Google, Bing, Alexa, and Technorati).

This will make him/her see you as an established blogger.

Provide links to your published guest posts

Have you written one or two guest post this year? If YES, share with the blog owner…

Provide links to your relevant online writing samples. That’s the only way to increase the chances of getting your guest post accepted

Don’t go wild, Start Small…

If you’re new to blogging, start with smaller blogs of PR1. It’s always best to target smaller blogs as it’ll boost your writing skills and give you hints on the type of contents big blogs accept.

Do it this way:

Target 10 small blogs to start and then next month, target blogs with better traffic, then go from there.

That was how I started, and today, not only have I appeared on SEMrush and Business2community, I’ve also appeared on several high ranked websites online.

Promote your guest post once it’s live!

Once your guest post is live, promote and drive traffic to it.

Don’t be like some bloggers who just ‘’publish and go’’… Be a social media addict.

Be there to promote your guest post so that you’d be offered another guest post opportunity in the future.

Your turn!

Have you started guest posting? How do you go about it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma Is The Founder, CEO & Managing Director Of Ranking By SEO. He Has Been Working In SEO Industry Since 2005. He Can Be Seen Contributing To SEMrush, Social Media Today, And Entrepreneur Etc...

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