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SEO with Social Media: Proven Facts for Effective Online Marketing

Top companies worldwide have vicious online marketing strategies and monitoring plans. This includes linking their SEO content with their social media pages to gain maximum profits from the power of online marketing. Two years ago, Econsultancy released a report that backed up these findings through surveying selected companies. 82% of the organizations had SEO online…read more...

Hiring an SEO Agency? Don’t Forget These 8 things

SEO is similar to medicines in terms of attributes– medicines save human life and help people to become healthy, but on being taken wrongly, they take life too; in a very similar way to medicines, SEO saves a business and helps it to become healthy, but on taking wrong SEO services, this can kill your…read more...

Warning: Make These 6 SEO Mistakes at Your Own Risk

Six major mistakes have been identified that people generally make while optimizing their websites for search engines. I sincerely hope your business won’t be repeating them. The mistakes are focusing excessively on keywords, placing irrelevant hyperlinks, posting poor or obsolete content, plagiarism, falling for SEO experts, and instant gratification. This post will give you a…read more...

When Google Changed Its Statement

When on December 2, I read an article on SEROUNDTABLE titled “Google Admits Clicks Impact Your Google My Business Listing Rankings“, I thought what is new and important in that as almost everyone associated with internet marketing world knows this very well that click matters for rankings. The article was based on the statement of…read more...

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